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Accounts Services

As a Limited Company, statutory accounts and Corporation tax returns needs to be filed on a yearly basis.

For those that have already completed a full year of trading, we should now aim at preparing these accounts for filing. At DC Accountants, we will gather all information related to that trading period and work towards preparing and filing those accounts so you will not have to worry about upcoming deadlines.

We will tell you how much tax the company should pay and when and also advise on the interest and penalty implications if Corporation tax is paid late.

It is important to remember the key dates for your annual accounts. If you are unsure you can always take a look at the details online at Companies House by simply entering the name of your business and you will find the key dates for when your annual accounts need to be filed, in addition to other key business information.

If you have a set of accounts that need to be prepared and filed then look no further and contact our Team today.

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